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children, they go to college, they get a job, they leave town, they are nowhere in new york where you live, and they get moving again and you are back home in bismarck, and the children love to be with you and what not, but they are in phoenix or some other place and they can't come to see you, and you as parents, is a huge effort to see them. the interaction, the decline is rapid in these families. so what ensues is what i call families of collateral relos. these are parents who follow their kids, and they go, for example, outside atlanta, a place called the season's. in this particular community it might be called the winter. but they follow their kids to what are called active adult communities. they are all back together. then the kids get moved again. and the parents get older and they are now living in a place they know nothing about, where they note nobody and they cankn get back to bismarck. it was a striking phenomenon to me. >> your book talks about the end of the relos era. i wanted to know if you -- is there an end to the relos era and what will take place and what will you nam
is the author. when you think of new york city in the 50s and 60s, what do you think of? >> guest: human. well, i think that new york in the post world war ii period was in a position of people sentence, really in the united states, and as portions were rising for a time, i think it was a famous kind of working-class city, to quote another book by joshua freeman, and it was a city that had had a lot of business during world war ii and its industries had been employing many new yorkers, and it was also a growing media capital. it was expanding its office infrastructure. it was growing in the citing of the united nations, getting international attention, and politically, and was part of -- it was sort of the capital of the resurgent u.s. following world war ii. yes, very much. so its star was rising. >> host: what happened to new york in the 1970s? >> guest: well, it's a complicated question that has global, national, reasons behind it. it was a period of crisis on many levels, and it was a period that began really in the 1960s. and really reached the top at the mid-70s that had to do at the loc
. >>> hola que tal como están. esta noche en última hora. una balacera en buffalo new york. deja a 2 personas maouts y 3 heridas de gravedad. la policía tuvo que intervenir para controlar a los familiares de las víctimas. - fueron necesario dos descargas de una... eléctrica el hombre se levantó y corrió gritando que era inocente. esta noche y más en última hora. regresamos contigo jorge. >>> gracias, una última pausa y a la vuelta un político quiso hacer una bromo y todo l e salió mal la comunidad latina en new york se le fue en contra, vamos a contarle lo que pasó. h@txvxkwy÷ >>> 4 pasajeros recibieron en vida sacudido en una turbulencia. el avión desviado al aeropuerto internacional. en kentucky. uno de los heridos fue tras dado en comilla a un hospital cercano. el ejecutivo en el estado de new york está en el centro de una controversia sobre un comentario sobre los hispanos. algunos dicen que se trató de hacer un chiste y nadie serie y y le dijo, menos mal que no eres como el de la cocina de este restaurante, si no te podría deportar. >>> cuando háblame del condado de suf
they have found some type of debris. you can see the boats, new york police departments are the white and blue ones and gray and orange boats are coastguard. they have been in and out of the water. scuba divers with the nypd all day long. we've seen them pulling out baskets the sides of a stretcher. we cannot fell from our vantage point what they are pulling out. we have heard that at least two bodies have been recovered. on the other side of the river, you heard the mayor saying this was not a survivable crash. five italian tourists and one pilot was in tour helicopter. and the others in the small plane. this is a dangerous part of the hudson river. water is very deep and murky, 60 feet in some places that we are watching this effort going on right now. there are a lot of questions, a lot of people talking about the type of communication, radio frequencies, air to air frequency going on between the helicopter and airplane. apparently there was none. witnesses have been telling us since we arrived, they saw the crash and heard the crash. they saw the blades of the chopper go into the
. these are new pictures from the medical examiner's office. outside the new york medical examiner where our producer has snapped some pictures, we will show you a truck pulling up, appearing to unload at least one gurney. >> this, as we look at these pictures, it's just tragic. you know the medical examiner vehicles, they respond to the scenes of accidents all the time and it happened yet again. two bodies recovered from the hudson and we're told that there were nine people killed all together. the sad reality is that the staff at the m.e.'s office, their work is not done as divers will be going down, back into the waters to retrieve those victims of this terrible tragedy over the skies of manhattan again today. we heard from mayor bloomberg that some of the victims were -- they were found, they were spotted still in their seats in the helicopter while it was found, the wreckage was found in the water. just a nightmare scenario for family members. if there is any kind of a silver lining, it's that at least the bodies will be recovered and that these families will have loved ones to bury. i
incredible. and it was like the movie because people coming to new york city and they know a lot of movies are from here. tragedy on the hudson could be the title. this was not a movie, certainly a tragic thing to happen. thanks for talking to us. >> gregg: all right. we want to set the scene right now. >>> 29 minutes after 5:00 o'clock east coast time. it has been a horrible day because of this tragedy on the hudson and they are still out there. they are searching for bodies, seven of which they hope to recover because of this midair collision. we want to tell you also that because the two-hour business block was preempted for this breaking news, this is go to air tomorrow, the business block, sunday, august 9, from 2:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock eastern time. so if you missed your business picks and there are a great many people who are looking forward to that, you can get it tomorrow, 2:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock east coast time. fox news business block. >>> continuing now with this fox news alert, i'm gregg jarrett along with julie banderas. >> a tour of the new york city skyline touring
about those kinds of people. from the new york times. these things are handed down. and it a sin to be given. i started out as453 a liberal. i was a liberal most of my life. when i made that transition i've found that a lot of people i knew could not only not understand it, but are quite appalled. that situation. and i wanted to write about those environments, places like new york, was angeles, and the professions where one ne could totally -- >>host: what professions? >>guest: journalism, social work, psychiatry. >>host: what had happened? you were a liberal. did it change your did you change? >>guest: i don't think i've changed. i grew up believing what martin luther king said. a person should be judged by the content of his character not the color of their skin. in the schools. it is quite appalling. so i would argue that this was an unjust to other liberals and be regarded as a fascist. >>host: at this was promulgated by the academy as well as by journalism? where do you turn? everyone believes as you do? >>guest: certainly in the academy everybody believes as this. let me ge
. following breaking news. a pleasant sight seeing trip in new york ends in tragedy. you are looking live now at new york's hudson river. where divers and investigators are looking for body and wreckage from a midair collision that happened noon eastern team today. right now, nine people appear to be dead. and all this according to the mayor. they include a child on board the plane, an italian tourist aboard a helicopter. you can see very clear in new york as dusk settles there. thousand out and about in both new york city and new jersey. witnessing all this as it happened. they were simply stunned what they saw taking place in the sky then falling into the river. a small plane and a tourist helicopter in a death spiral into the dark, deep waters of the hudson. >> the only thing i saw was a black helicopter went down. we were all watching. it's look in the movie. and then, it start, it was turning. and then the head went down first. and then about, three, four second later, i thought it was a wing of the helicopter. but there was no wing for helicopter. probably the rotor blades. so if this i
drop like a rock into the hudson. >> 350e78 along new york's hudson river watch in horror. >> like in the movie. it was turning. and then the head went down first, about three, four seconds later, i thought it was a wing of the helicopter, probably the rotor blade. >> within minute, divers koemd the murky water, but sadly, mayor michael bloomberg delivers the bad news, there appear to be no survives. >> this has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission. >> what went wrong? we investigate right now on cnn. hello, everyone, i'm dom lemon. we're following breaking news right here on cnn. you're looking live right now on hudson river where divers and investigators are desperately looking for bodies an wreckage from a mid-air collision that happened noon eastern time. right now, nine people appear to be dead including a child aboard the plane. italian tourists on the helicopter. you can see, it is a clear sunny day, at the time of the crash, thousands of people were out and about, both in new york city and in new jersey. watching, stunned at what they were seeing with their very own
't. i missed that. >> it's hard in new york city with all the lights. but if you live in a rural area, the best meteor showers on the earth. it will happen midnight to 5:00. we're running out of window do you want to look outside. we have walt of clouds in the east. that's blocking the views of some people trying to see it overnight. we are looking at a tiny area of rain over west virginia, southern virginia, right along our front. high pressure in the great lakes. great day from detroit to chicago. early morning clouds in new england but should be a nice afternoon. where the humid is south of the front we have showers and storms. beckley, bloomfield, pushing its way to roanoke. later this afternoon, with the heat in the southeast, we'll pop up more showers and afternoon storms. nothing too steer. new york, 77. easily up to mid to upper 80s. same with d.c., norfolk. one of the hotter spots in the deep south. we're talking mid-90s before the storms arrive, charleston, savannah, along the beaches. orlando, 93. a quick moving shower or storm. shouldn't ruin any of your plans outside, esp
time this year. we have an air emergency in new york's hudson river. rescue efforts are under way right now after a reported collision of a helicopter and a small plane. and it happened just after noon today. six people reportedly on board the chopper which belongs to a local sightseeing company, called liberty tours. according to the u.s. coast guard only one person has been recovered so far. here's what other eyewitnesses are telling us. >> i did not see the collision. i looked up into the sky. and i saw a plume of smoke. i saw a helicopter twirling through the air. and the rotors were removed. there were pieces and shards of the helicopter flying around. the actual body of the helicopter turned and made a nose-dive straight down while there were still parts of the rotor floating above it. >> we were walking. we heard the loud bang and saw the plane and helicopter go into the water. >> then what? >> well, i mean we saw the plane, lost its wing and whirly birding its way down. brown smoke coming out of the back of it. it crashed into the water. a few second later the helicopter with de
into the hudson. >> police along new york's hudson river watched in horror. >> like in the movies. it was turning and then the head went down first. about three, four seconds later, i thought it was a wing of the helicopter, probably the blades. >> within minutes, divers combed the murky water, but sadly, mayor michael bloomberg whicheverdelivers the bad news. there appear to be no survivors. >> this has change from a rescue to a recovery mission. >> what went wrong? we investigate right now on cnn. we start with breaking news. a pleasant sight seeing trip on new york city -- over new york city ends in tragedy. you're looking live at new york's hudson river where divers and investigators are desperately looking for bodies and wreckage from a mid air collision. it happened just about noon eastern time. right now, nine people appear to be dead in all of this, including a child. a child that was on board the plane, an italian tourists on board the helicopter. and you can see it is a very clear day in new york city. the sun is going down. at the time of the crash, thousands of people were out and abo
york helicopters got there, and it seemed like new york responded a lot quicker than jersey, even though it was closer to the jersey side. and then i actually saw one person being put on, i don't know if there are harbor police or whatever, from the new york side, the little red miniature looking tugboat thing that went very fast, then sped back to the new york side and i'm assuming that's the one survivor. so we saw it -- i mean we saw it come together before it happened. my family was very shaken up. we're just thankful to god that none of the debris came on the topic of that ship. it could have hurt a lot of people. >> rick: you just described a horrifying scene, bill, and i'm so sorry for you and your family and all those on board the circle line yet to witness it. what kind of information did you get -- we should remind people that the circle line in some of the other sea-based tour companies here in york city, were very instrumental in helping passengers after the miracle on the hudson back in january. those were the ships they responded immediately to help the survivors get
>> rick: 3:00 in new york city and we are through hours into a disaster over the hudson river. there was only seven months ago we were talking about a miracle. that is not the case today after a midair collision in the skies between new york city and hoboken, new jersey, a sightseeing helicopter by liberty tours colliding with a small plane right over the skies just before noontime. there is one person confirmed dead and there is perhaps eight more people who are being searched for right now by those rescue boats. you can see on the ground, the new york city fire department, new york city police department. the coastguard. even sightseeing ship operators involved right now in the search for any survivors, a little at this point now, three hours after the collision. it does not look good for any one having survived this crash. i am in new york city along with gregg jarrett as we continue to follow this breaking story in new york. in the lower right hand corner of the screen you can see microphones and the podium. we are waiting to hear from michael bloomberg who will be steppin
disaster here in new york city today. a sightseeing helicopter carrying a group of italian tourists collided in midair with a small single engine private plane. tonight, a total of nine people are feared dead. it hand in clear skies above the hudson river. stunned onlookers on both sides of river watched as the aircraft fell to the water and hurled debris onto the new jersey water front. we have two reports on the collision and the many safety questions it is sure to prompt. let's start with nbc's jeff rossin here in manhattan with the latest. jeff? >> lester, good evening to you. here's what we know at this hour and the story is still developing into the evening. the helicopter took off around noon today from here at the heliport on the west side of manhattan just seconds after takeoff, authorities say it collide with that small plane over the hudson river, between new jersey and new york city. witnesses say they heard a big boom. tonight police divers are in the water searching for bodies. >> the midair collision was so violent both the airplane and helicopter aren't even visible
are dead after a horrifying mid air collision after new york's hudson river. brand new details from people on the ground who watched the tragedy unfold right before their eyes. >> also a mother spends 18 months behind bars for breast-feeding her baby while drunk. does the punishment fit the crime? we report. you decide. >> a luxury resort in california now offering rooms for just $19 a night. they call it the survivor package but there's a slight catch to the story. we'll tell you what that is. this is "fox and friends," the best morning show at this hour of the morning. >> hey, good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us early an a sunday morning. wish we had better news but we'll get to the developments of that plane crash in a minute. medical procedures. dr. mark siegel here to identify procedures. break down what that means, this healthcare plan. >> a pretty common one that you may be expecting to get done to you in the next few years. >> also some controversy you might say. a new study out from the financial times this week about the more women on boards of directors means a compan
questions. why did a helicopter and small plane collide over new york's hudson river? >>> bid and bargain. gm set to sell new autos on ebay. >>> and typhoon topple. a powerful storm strikes the east coast of china. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm karen brown in for michelle guillen. >>> news this morning concerning the american soldier being held by the taliban and a key taliban leader. insurgents holding private bowe bergdahl say they are still waiting for a response to their demands from the american government before deciding bergdahl's fate. susan roberts is in washington with more. good morning, susan. >> reporter: karen, good morning to you. that's right. they're waiting on response from u.s. commanders on a list of demands. what those demands are, we just don't know. >> i have a very, very good family. >> reporter: the fate of private first class bowe bergdahl rests in the fate of the taliban. they say the council of leaders will decide what to do with them based on how the u.s. responds to a list of demands. it's the first anyone
firms that tapped liquidity facilities that were out there. the "new york times" is also out this morning reporting that the government made about $4 billion from the large banks that have repaid the t.a.r.p., the interest that kind of added up from those t.a.r.p. payments and the dividends they gave back, you had to buy back the special share. >> a very long way to go. i wouldn't be counting my chickens before they're paid back. >> it's interesting they say the $19 billion in income that compares with maybe if you put it bills, $5 billion. it's a good indicator ofhe positive side of some of these things. still long way to go, but not necessarily all money lost. >> i talked about this with dudley. think about the math with the fed, they borrow at .25 basis point, and they lend at the government take a ten-year treasury or seven-year, whatever that number is. it's a little hard not to make money on that spread. even the new york fed can't mess that up. think about the spread. .25 basis point to 3 1/2 basis points. let's talk about the global story this morning, china stocks cl
here, this busy. >> reporter: over the weekend, customers packed this honda dealer in new york. they lined up hoping to get a rebate of up to $4,500 when they traded in their old gas guzzler for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. >> i'm very excited about the gas mileage. >> reporter: richard and stephanie miller are now the proud owners of this cherry red 2010 ford fusion. they scooped up a $3,500 rebate from the government and a $1,500 rebate from ford when they parted ways with their 16-year-old explorer. >> it gave us a lot of good years, but she's had it. >> reporter: as of friday, dealers have sold almost 500,000 cars under the plan, bringing in more than $2 billion in rebates. but it hasn't exactly been a smooth ride. many dealerships fronting the money for the rebate say they still haven't gotten paid. in fact, so far the government has only reimbursed four in ten deals. >> out of over 100, we got paid for 2. >> reporter: the government says the hold-up is the processing. there are reportedly 1,200 people working around the clock to tackle the paperwork. despite all the red
better. >> when i'm in houston fixing roofs, i'll still be applying for jobs in new york. hopefully, i can come back and hit it out of the ballpark. >> reporter: in the meantime, he's packing for texas, just one of 15 million americans out of work, doing what he can to survive. and many are hoping fewer layoffs will translate into people having more confidence in the market. they'll borrow more and spend more. >> susan roberts in washington, thank you. >>> sonia sotomayor will be sworn in tomorrow as the 111th justice of the united states supreme court. the court's third woman and its first hispanic. sotomayor was confirmed yesterday. the vote was 68-31. all the democrats and two independents voted yes, but nine republicans also voted for sotomayor's confirmation. jill brown reports. >> reporter: just hours after making history, sonia sotomayor walked out of the federal courthouse in new york city ready for her new job. >> the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york is confirmed. >> reporter: president obama's choice for the supreme court is the first hispanic woman elevated to that
this -- his organization, the apollo alliance that he chairs here in new york had a lot to do with the stimulus bill. this is according -- we showed you this yesterday -- to harry reid, who said, quote, this legislation is the first step in building a clean energy economy that creates jobs. the apollo alliance has been an important factor in helping us develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them, end quote. does the president know who this man is? s do the president and america demand and listen to this answer? does the president know that he has now had two pretty big encounters with the founders of the weather underground? that's the group that bombed government buildings. do you remember he didn't really know bill ayers, but now indirectly, the other founder of the weather underground is helping write our bills. we asked the white house today if the president knew. we're still waiting for a response. by the way, we also told you that the white house has tied or wanted to go around the f.b.i. to have so
, four days ago, on the other side of the narrows bridge, and for those viewers who are not from new york that is about a mile-and-a-half, two miles down the river, from where this has happened, past the statue of liberty they had an operation, relative to a potential terrorist attack, and the police department and the fire department and the coast guard work very closely, together in new york city, at training for these operations, and executing them when and if they should happen. >> jamie: according to information that i'm getting from the fox news brain room the piper pa 32, which is believed to be the plane that took off from teterburo and crashed mid-air with the helicopter carrying as many as six passengers, five tourists and one pilot, it has had ten accidents since november, 2008 with 12 fatalities. the euro copter, as-350, believed to be the helicopter operated by liberty tours involved in the mid-air collision, ten accidents since september, 2008 with three fatalities, jon scott, are you with us? i want to ask jon, how does that sound to you, for a safety record? first of all,
through variable sources, the faa as well as sources in the new york/new jersey area, that a helicopter, a tourist helicopter collided with a small plane there and many eyewitnesses who joined us throughout the last half hour described various things. these two aircrafts colliding and simply swirling and twirling into the hudson river there rescue teams were on their way to respond. according to one eyewitness, she says there was nothing buoyant. it didn't appear as though any remnants of the aircraft or even the helicopter were at the surface of that water. divers have been seen descending into the water trying to find signs of life. at least six people may have been onboard that tourist helicopter. it's unclear how many may have been onboard that small aircraft. joining us is scott schuman who was actually walking in the vicinity there with family members. heard this loud bang and then saw this twist of these two aircrafts descend into the water. scott, give me an idea of what you are seeing now. >> right now i see a bunch of boats in the water. there seems to be less police folks loo
. but he's just home from china, just home from new york, all he wanted to do was get to bed, his door was jammed, and so he was in a mood where he said -- >> larry: are there those who say he brings the whole history into that body of a black movement? >> that may well be the case. but i still think that it might well have been resolved in a different manner if we didn't have this verbal altercation between the two of them. my first teaching point for young people, especially, not for dr. gates, but for young people especially is when the police are looking into something and you're involved in it in one way or another, cooperate. don't make the situation more difficult. and i think in this case, the situation was made more difficult. on the part of the cambridge police department, once they felt they had to bring dr. gates out of the house and to handcuff him, i would have thought at that point some adult supervision would have stepped in and said, okay, look, it is his house. come on. let's not take this any further. take the handcuffs off. good night, dr. gates. >> larry: were you
and assassinate al qaeda leaders. "the new york times" reports that five years ago the cia hired operators from blackwater usa, the private security contractor, for the still classified program. one source says it was unsuccessful and that the contracts were cancelled. >>> scotland will announce today its decision on releasing the only man ever convicted in the bombing of pan am flight 103. the jet blew up over lockerbie scotland in 1988, killing 214 people former libyan intelligence officer abdelbaset al megrahi is dying of prostate cancer and is expected to be released on compassionate grounds 37 >>> now back to iraq. in baghdad today a blast killed two people that follows six major bombings yesterday, pushing the total to more than 100 dead and 500 wounded in just 24 hours. it's the worst violence since forces withdrew from iraqi cities. >>> and turning to something much closer to home, especially those of us at cbs news, we're remembering don hewitt, a man with a vision of what tv news could be and a producer who made it happen. he died of pancreatic cancer yesterday at his home on long isl
to an unusual school with an unusual name. >> all of the new york historical society where teens are learning about history in a whole new way. >>> teens go the distance. i'm sloan, and i'll have the story from philadelphia. >> all that and more, stay tuned for "teen kids news." >> hi, i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. let's check out this week's big stories from around the world. across the country, the health care debate continues. americans are speaking out at town hall meetings. >> what do we want? >> healthcare! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> the main discussion is about how to reform health care. some people are in favor of the public option. that means people without health insurance could purchase it through the government. >> we continue to support the public option, that will help lower costs, give american consumers more choice and keep private insurers honest. >> others believe a plan run by the government is not a good idea. >> government control is not the answer, just more competition, more choices, and giving people fair treatment when they don't get their insurance at work
in the "the new york times" give us a view of where we are now. >> i and we live in a world that is an enormous transition. not just a transition from one kind of presidential the administration to a very different one, but obviously one in economic transition and a lot of the unquestioned rules of our economy being up for grabs. in case of america, a social transition as the country becomes more and more of a minority dominated country which is causing some interesting fissions. obviously, we are in transition around the world of american foreign policy tries to redefine itself in the middle east once again and tries to remake itself. >> how long have you been writing your 1500 word column? >> that is a good question. i am guessing about 10 years. maybe even longer i am terrible about dates. >> 1999, i guess that works out to 10 years. you have been in politics for 15 years? >> wright, i have been in the op ed and page of the times since 1994. >> not many people write one column week. how your project? -- how do you approach it? >> it is completely different from doing the
corridor along new york's hudson river. that as late thursday the faa in control of the piper flight was involved in inappropriate phone conversations at the time of the accident and that the supervisor wasn't present in the buildin while the faa says there is no reason to believe that contributed to the crash, both have been put on administrative leave as the investigation continues. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> a new york woman says dash cam video from january supports her claim that police used unnecessary force. she was hit with a taser twice after arguing with an officer who stopped her for speeding and talking on a cell phone. although he claims she was refusngis h commands, charges of resisting arrest were later dropped. >>> the federal building in los angeles was closed for hours yesterday after its parking lot became the scene of an hour-long standoff. police fired four rounds of chemical agents into the vehicle of a man who allegedly made threatening statements about the white house. eventu
made of the body found in the new york canal as that of 8-year-old robert manwill. preliminary autopsy results are still being evaluated. we are also still awaiting positive identification of the body, that the coroner's office says must come from comparing dental records, a process that is still under way. finding robert will not be the end, but just the beginning of an entirely new investigation. our priority remains finding answers for robert's family and this community. >> the 8-year-old vanished on july 24th under what police call suspicious circumstances. >> the boise police department is conducting an excellent investigation. they're being very methodical and careful on what they're saying. but this may very well now turn into a homicide investigation. they're going to be begin at ground zero, right at the home of the victim, and they're going to spread themselves out into the community. >>> and also tonight, acting on a secret tip, ohio police storm a home in a quiet akron neighborhood. inside, a young couple and six children, allegedly living in a drug haven for one of the mos
in the new york canal as that of 8-year-old robert manwill. robert was reported missing 11 days ago. some are demanding immediate answers. we understand and we appreciate the community's intense interest in this case and the compassion that so many of us feel for a lost child. for robert's sake, and the sake of his family, the answers we provide must reflect the answers that can only come from a thorough investigation. that investigation is still very much under way. >> the mom's home had been searched. this was last thursday that the mom's home had been searched. another home had been searched north of her apartment. people were -- there was police and the sheriff's department digging around, taking pictures. cars have been -- cars have been searched and taken into the police department. there's an opening to the canal. it's called the new york canal. it's pretty sizable canal. with very steep concrete sides. and there is a point that he could have entered that within a half mile from his mom's apartment. but where the body was found was over five miles away from robert's mom's apartment
of spartansburg wrote a letter to "the new york times" in 1917 in which he said, i am sorry to hear they have been ordered here with their northern ideas before rarity equality. they will proply be expecting to be treated like white men. we shall treat them exactly as we treat our resident negroes. this is like waving a flag in the face of a bug. a -- face of a bull. >> colonel hayward called his men together and asked them to comply with the jim crow laws. they didn't have to agree with enthem but they needed the training if the wanted to see come bat. several incidents where when two soldiers returning from leave got lost and fell asleep in a field and the next day 40 men marched into town because they were afraid they had been arrest there was another incident where two white bullies knocked a young black soldier off the street, and the soldier explained he would fight back but his told his commander he would not. >> this is one of the songs of the day, song called "mammy's chocolate soldier. ." >> training best gas masks there was an incident -- camp was two miles from town. some win walk into
health care reform? joining me now is congressman anthony wiener of new york city. congressman wiener, how do you like being compared to stalin and hitler because what you're trying to do is extend health care coverage to people in america who don't have it? >> they say if you've got the facts, you pound the facts. if you don't have the facts, you pound the table. i guess nuts like this are really banging a drum for an angry message. the problem with all this is these are pretty seer why is issues we have in front of us. people have legitimate december agreements how to deal with them. we're not getting to them because one guy is shouting so 200, 300 people can't get their questions answered. history is not written by guys in that team. history is written by people who really engage in their democracy in the way it should. i kind of welcome it. i welcome the passion, that we can figure out a way to let everyone have their say, i think they're going to wind up with a better product. >> the "new york post" has a report that you had a meeting of some kind with constituents in new york ci
. a muggy 89 in boston. and getting to the 90s from new york to miami. it will be 94 in new orleans. and a heat advisory is in effect in dallas, as it climbs to 103. >>> all right. still ahead on this wednesday. how many struggling homeowners are being helped by a government program to ease the mortgage crisis. it turns out, it's surprisingly few. >>> and schools brace for another round against swine flu. th were thl be different than >>> overseas, stock markets are mostly lower this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell 1.2% today. hong kong's hang seng is down. in london, the ftse opened lower. wall street starts the day with the dow at 9320, after adding another 33 points yesterday. the nasdaq ticked up, nearly 3 points to close at 2011. >>> looks like cash for clunkers is not out of gas just yet. the senate appears set to extend the rebate offer for trading in gas-guzer wills until labor day. americans are quickly burning through the program's original $1 billion. scrapping nearly 160,000 vehicles already. >>> only a fraction of struggling homeowners are benefitting from the gove
" stocks in asia moved higher this morning. claire leka is here in new york. >> that's right, michelle. asian stocks stabilized overnight after the previous day's sell-off. shanghai stocks rebounded 1.5% from yesterday's 6% drop. on wall street, the stock market will try to pick up the pieces after its worst slide in nearly two months. but investors remain on edge following recent reports about a still sluggish consumer, which would slow any economic recovery. the dow jones industrial average begins the day down 186 points. the tech heavy nasdaq lost nearly 55. today we get a key report on new home construction which has increased in four of the past five months, after tumbling to a post-war record low. many economists believe housing, which led the economy into recession, may be one of the forces that helps to pull it out of the ditch. and we'll find out if inflation remains under control with the latest figures on consumer prices. and a day after lowe's reported weak earnings, rival home depot rolls out results before the start of trading. target will also report results. now to what
," stocks in asia lost ground this morning. claire leka is in new york with more. good morning. >> good morning. asian stocks turned lower overnight. foreign investors are waiting for more clues about the strength of the economic recovery in the u.s. japan's benchmark nikkei slipped 1.25%. hong kong stocks fell 1.5%. on wall street, stocks begin the day at nine-month highs. the dow jones starts the day up 33 points. the nasdaq begins with a gain of nearly three points. >>> it's a busy day on the economic front. the july reading on private sector employment from payroll services firm adp is due in the morning. employers are expected to have cut 340,000 jobs from their pay rolls. key reports on the service sector and factory orders are also due. meanwhile, you still have time to clunk your car into labor day. democratic leaders say the senate will join the house into pumping more money into the cash for clunkers program. so far the government says 157,000 people have taken advantage of it, at a cost of taxpayers, $664 million. the administration has released a list of the top ten vehicles
. they lived in new york, massachusetts, london, england, but for john, this was his anchor. >> reporter: the brothers played their famous games of touch football on the lawn here, training for the youngest brother, a star at harvard. >> i think this was the center of his young world. so many things happened here. certainly, in times of tragedy, this is where the kennedys gathered. >> reporter: a place of mourning too many times for the kennedy clan. ted was there in 1999 when he learned of john jr.'s death. >> he loved the sea, just being out on the ocean. we all know about his deep and abiding faith. i think that must have been part of it. >> reporter: right up until the very end, after he was diagnosed with brain cancer, he went home and straight to the water, sailing in the race and placing second with his wife vicki at his side. he once said this compound was a place to unwind, to be refreshed by the sun and the sea. this is where he said good-bye. jeff glor, cbs news, hyannis, massachusetts. >>> choosing a president in afghanistan turns out to be more like a soap opera than an elec
this sense while i love picking up my "new york times" and "washington post" in the morning, i've already read what's in them largely on my blackberry the night before. because i'm a news junkie and i log in. and so i know what the news is. so by the time i see it, it almost seems a little ol to me. and i love newspapers. chris: i always find something on the a section. joe kleine, you're with "time" magazine. which is the last standing "newsweek"ly. >> i don't trust myself on this story, on this topic. because this september, i will -- it will be my 40th anniversary in this business. and yeah, i blog now. and i get a great deal of satisfaction from it. but i sure -- i would go into withdrawal if i couldn't pick up the daily newspaper and flip the page and see a story that i didn't expect to see at all about haircuts in burma or something. you don't get that on the web because everything is targeted. chris: all these online groups are grabbing things off the papers like "the washington post" and selling it in the secondary market. when's the post going to get that money to pay the reporte
of food. frank bruni, the powerful restaurant critic for "the new york times" put down his knife, his fork and his pen. after five years on the job, he wrote his final review today, and turned his critical eye at himself. with a revealing new book that describes a most unexpected irony. the ultimate foodie has battled his own food demons since he was a child. tonight in a "nightline" exclusive, the undercover critic goes on the record with john berman. >> once a fat kid, always a fat kid. those words from frank bruni. the self-professed fat kid who turned into perhaps the country's most respected and feared restaurant critic. >> frank bruni walking into your restaurant it's a rush of adrenaline. it is. this is a user friendly -- >> yes, when bruni walks into your restaurant -- >> the first thing in your mind is like, holy [ bleep ] it's on. >> he has a horrible time and doesn't like the food and you screw up, you're dead in the water. >> he inspires fear. >> i think frank bruni is the smartest, hand somest, most wonderful human being in the world. i have to say that. i'm still afraid he's
of the times. >> announcer: with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia ,cfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," august 7th, 2009. >> good evening. we begin tonight with encouraging signs of an improving economy. the workforce shed far fewer ctes in july than expected, causing the unemployment rate to dip slightly to 9.4%. president obama while forecasting further job losses, still celebrated the news saying thday "we're pointed in the ."ght direction." tn a city like las vegas hit eryd by the recession, recovery can't come soon enough. and after an image overhaul s, sin to attract visitors, sin city has gone back to what it esows and does best. as neil carlinski now reports. esows and does best. as neil carlinski now reports. >> las vegas is so fed u >> the city and the state has been hard hit by the financial crisis. >> the city has decided enough is enough. >> the water's nice, but no one is getting in. >> they've launched an ad with a news report of their own, making fun of all the gloom and doom. sin city is fighting back, and using its best assets to do it. >> las veg
in upstate new york that let eight people dead. at fault a mother who along with her own daughter, three nieces and three men in another vehicle did not survive the crash. and then, came the shocking toxicology report that revealed both alcohol and marijuana in her system. her widower has consistently denied that his wife had any substance abuse problem at all, but the crash like the death of michael jackson and billy mays has raised the question about hidden addiction as andrea canning now reports. >> it was the car crash that gripped the nation and devastated three families. three weeks ago, diane schuler drove the wrong way down a new york state highway, killing herself and her nieces and nephews and three others in a car. but what makes the circumstances surrounding the crash so bizarre is that schuler had marijuana and the equivalent of ten drinks in her system, a finding that her husband daniel won't accept. >> i go to bed every night knowing my mind is clear. she not an alcoholic. >> and now those affected by the crash wanted to know if schuler was hiding an addiction, if anyone w
search for victims of saturday's tragic mid-air collision in new york city that killed nine people. on monday, divers continued to pull debris from the murky waters of the hudson river. despite poor visibility and treacherous currents, authorities were able to locate a man's body in the plane's wreckage, buried 60 feet below the surface. they were not able to dislodge it from the plane. so far, bodies have been recovered for seven of the nine passengers of the small plane and sight-seeing helicopter, which collided in the narrow air space. >>> there are reports out of taiwan this morning that 260 victims from this weekend's typhoon have been rescued from villages buried by mud slides. hundreds still remain unaccounted for in the worst flooding in a half century. as much as 80 inches of rain swamped the area, washing out roads and bridges and severing contact between remote villages and cities. the devastation carried into eastern china, where a massive landslide buried an unknown number of victims. entire apartment buildings were reduced to rubble. >>> now here's a look at some oth
pulled from the water separating new york and new jersey. we understand that other victims still strapped into their seats where the wreckage came to rest. these pictures exclusive to "fox news" showing the immediate aftermath of this disaster. you can see one of wing ripped straight off the plane. the chopper's rotors snapping off as it plunges into the water. the terrified people on board, never had a chance. >> it appears to us at this point that this was probably not survivable from virtually the instant of the accident or certainly a few seconds later when both aircraft went into the water. >> julie: we understand family members currently identifying the victims who have been recovered. at this point we do not immediately know the victims names, but we do know is there were three people onboard the piper airplane including a child, and onboard the euro copter five italian tourists in the pilot. one of the new york city's worst disasters in recent memory occurred today, the most youthful days have seen in new york all summer long. the small plane reportedly running into the back of th
. >>> a familiar name has surfaced as a possible contender for new york's next governor. rudy giuliani is considering a run next year. the former new york city mayor has told associates he will decide in the next few months. >>> rhode island is so financially strapped, its governor wants to shut down the state for 12 days. the move would force about 80% of state workers to take unpaid time off before next july. rhode island has 12.7% unemployment rate, the second-highest in the nation. >>> nasa was forced to postpone this morning's launch of space shuttle "discovery" because of stormy weather. rain and lightning moved into the area late last night. they will try to launch again tomorrow morning. fernandez, a son of migrant farm workers from mexico. hernandez says he alwaysys dread of being a astronaut. >> i didt have anything. we couldn't join little league because we couldn't afford it. couldn't join boy scouts. i couldn't take those field trips. all those things motivated me to say the way to get out of this situation is to get a good education. >> hernandez has started a foundation
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